Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tony Ryan: Digital Pedagogies L@S09

Tony Ryan: Digital Pedagogies


Think outside the dodecahedron

Staffroom dialogue and conversation defines a school

Get kids talking about learning

Big 4 Learning Support Framework

o Curriculum – what
o Pedagogy – how – MOST VARIANCE – Not necessarily legally mandated
o Assessment – what you measure
o Reporting – how you share

Collective intelligence

Online learning way of the future

HOW DO YOU ASSESS? Music example – assess the music or the collaboration

20th c learning theories – behaviourist/constructivist/cognitivist (cog – thinking skills stuff)

21st c – constructivist/mega-cognitivist/connectivist

SELF-TALK meta-self and physical self - mega-cognitivist - can then take ownership of their learning

CONNECTIVISM.CA few philosophical holes

Online gaming environments do have positives – eg. Working with others

Quality of teacher pedagogy that makes the difference.

YOU MUST HEIGHTEN the learning – intellectual rigor

Pedagogy is the art and science of learning for 4-18 year olds

What is the quality of the support you provide?

Digitial/ visual literacies as using symbols

Not the APPLICATIONS that drive the learning it is the ELEMENTS

“Charlie Bit My Finger” – youtube

Ripple Effects blog

Delicious account /TonyRyan

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Moturoa said...

It was a good session. Tony always has something new to offer.

Still like his thinkers keys even though he has moved on.