Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dinner at Winnies for Ulearn

If you are keen for dinner at Winnie Bagoes on the Wednesday night (October 8th) please put your name and how many you are bringing along below :)

Designing a New School Curriculum

We have our first teacher only day today to discuss designing our new New Zealand curriculum. We started this morning talking about Key Competencies and how we can measure and quantify these across the levels in our school - still a work in progress.
We have now moved on to looking at Learning Areas and how these fit for us and what we see each Learning Area encompassing.
Our syndicate are attempting to generalise some skill based outcomes that will work across any learning area and integrated unit of study. We are using the Key Competencies to assist in developing these.
We are looking for some models of using KC's to develop generic Learning Area skill outcomes. Any ideas? I will keep you updated on our progress!