Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The word 'blog'

There seems to be a lot of talk at the moment about the jargon surrounding ICT tools -- particularly the word 'blog'. We have heard 'blog' a lot lately. In the media, in schools and from other learning professionals. So what is a blog? If you are reading this then it is likely you already know, if not then I will attempt to define it.
Blogging is putting your ideas out there for others to read, reflect and comment on. Blogs are a reflective tool. For me, it helps to consolidate my views and ideas. A blog defines you. It forms a picture of who you are. What you stand for. What you are passionate about.

I recently had a discussion with a colleague about the purpose of blogs. He believed it was for getting feedback. I believe that it is to share ideas and is an outlet for feeling and belief. Getting feedback is just one of the bonuses. There is no expectation for feedback. When you get it it feels great but it is not the purpose for blogging in the first place.

Now, if I ask a direct question at the end of a post then that might be a different story. The questions might be answered. Or they may not. It may generate a discussion -- perhaps not on the blog but in someone's staffroom or living room. The reason I wrote this post -- to arrange thoughts in my head ready for a presentation -- not for getting feedback (although I would really really love it if you did comment!!).

Why do you blog? What purpose does it serve for you? If you don't blog, why not? How do you define 'blogging'?