Friday, October 10, 2008

Web 2.0 and Education: Ulearn08 with Greg Gebhart

Spotlight Breakout 3

kids are not critical at using information. kids like to blog but often in other ways like myspace
core of cutting edge teachers
huge number of teachers that havent come on board - big divide between teachers and teachers
49%of blogging done at school
google docs vs office suites
home on ps3 -- huge changes in virtual worlds
IWB's as chalk and talk - how do we engage kids in using these properly - pedagogy must be in place - talk show hosts
interactive desktops
hps new monitor - interactive desktop

technology adoption cycle.

ipod moved from being banned to being embraced and used in schools for podcasting etc

cellphones - coming up

websites for using with cellphones (some sites not available outside of us)
scanR - take photo of doc and get it emialed to you
Gcast - ring number - talk into phone - press # - recorded as podcast and is fed to rss
gabcast - same
talkshoo ?
qik - live feed from mobile
jott - reminders sent to phones
radar - picture conversation
3jam - send to groups
math4mobile - creating math on phones
wattpad -
myartspace - pics from museum
exam where kids had to use mobile etc to find info

how are we to get educators to here?
how do they learn how to use these things? learning is often play
"collective" - check presenters blog out
hitchhikr - cover all areas including education - good idea as a PD option
digital dossier

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