Thursday, October 2, 2008

Personal Learning Networks

Personal Learning Networks I believe are absolutely integral for quality teaching and learning. Tools such as Twitter and Diigo make forming and maintaining PLNs manageable. I am presenting a taster session at Ulearn on the value of PLNs. Please visit the wiki for more info. I would appreciate comments on the value of your PLN.

Could you please also help out by completing the following survey: for Sue Waters? Visit her blog here.

Thanks :)

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Sue Waters said...

Thanks Erin for telling your readers about the survey. I had to do a similar presentation a few months ago so am trying to build on the results from that.

Here are my posts on what I did for my presentation. Here is the post I wrote to ask my readers for help.

Then I summarised the results from that post and used them in my presentation. The images in this post are from that presentation.