Thursday, August 21, 2008


I am just about to trawl through the many many options for breakout sessions for this years ulearn08 conference. There are so many great choices I really have to think carefully about what I want to learn about the most. What fits into my personal goals or needs?

I am also presenting 2 taster sessions eeek! In the first one I am looking at a comparison of 21classes blogging engine which I use for my class blog and edublogs which I use for my M3 Kids Making a Difference project. I will also be looking at the practicalities and scheduling for classroom blogging.
In the second taster I am going to talk about the value of Personal/Professional Learning Networks using Twitter, Diigo, Second Life and blogging etc. I am interested in having peoples input into their experiences and the benefits of their own PLNs. How important is your PLN to you?

Bring on ulearn08 -- I am really looking forward to meeting everyone from my PLN and other inspiring educators!

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keamac said...

Hi Erin,
I love my PLN. My knowledge and skills have grown an expanded since I started connecting with others via Twitter. For someone like me who felt quite isolated, even within a large school, because I was doing things with ICT that no one else was, Twitter was like a lifeline. Twitter provided me with a way of connecting and interacting with like minded others. In a way it gave me an opportunity to choose and tailor my own PD to match my personal needs, goals and skill level. The other lovely thing about developing a PLN via Twitter is that I have also formed some wonderful online friendships and have even had the opportunity to meet some of these people f2f.
Like you Erin I look forward to meeting up with members of my PLN at ULearn '08. See you there. :)