Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mac Attack

I have just upgraded my TELA laptop and decided to change from a Toshiba to a Macbook Pro. I have been envious of colleagues with Macs because of some of the applications available such as imovie and garageband.
While I wouldn't consider myself an expert using a PC I do know my way around them pretty well -- including some geeky technical stuff. Now everyone will tell you that a Mac is easier and I am sure they are -- if you are not intimately familiar with PCs! So I have had some Mac anxiety the last few days. Culminating today when I went to edit a couple of goal setting sheets only to find they were Word 07 documents and the Mac didn't recognise them as Word docs. So they were opened up in the TextEditor. Which would have worked fine because I could have put it back on my pen and back onto a PC for editing. Except that I clicked on 'Revert to Saved' in the drop down menu because I thought that might do something interesting. It did! After clicking that I lost the original formatting and couldn't figure out how to get it back!

I'm sure it is all just teething problems. I certainly know I couldn't be without my wonderful Twitter network who come to my rescue and answer all my silly little questions!

Thanks Allanahk, fievels, fionagrant, lenva, heymilly, pgeorge, dorothyjburt, colwar and barbs1 -- you guys rock!

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Anonymous said...

There is more than one way to skin a cat! What an odd saying.

To open a Word document when you haven't got Word just drop it onto the Pages icon. It will happily open the Word document with all the formatting as you had wanted it in Word only it is in Pages.

How cool is that?