Sunday, May 11, 2008

My reaction to losing the internet!

This is a 'copy and pasted' post that I wrote when I discovered I had no internet connection in my room for the 4th day running. I really wanted to post on the blog immediately but couldn't so I figured I could write it in Word and post it later! As you will see -- I was pretty upset!

I have just been informed that my classroom will have no internet for the next two weeks. I can’t believe how depressed I feel at this outcome. I am so affected by it that I have had to write this in a Word document to cut and paste later!
Another thing that has thrown me is how other teachers have responded to this news. They have said, ‘You shouldn’t rely on technology so much’ and ‘You will just have to teach the old fashioned way’. But mostly they just could not believe that it was an issue.

My day and unit plans revolve around the use of the internet:
• First thing we check our blog for comments and hits and review any interesting posts.
• During numeracy we use a fantastic site called Mathletics.
• Reading and Written language we use to take turns to blog about our learning or publish work on our wikis and blogs
• Finally, during topic we use the net for online educational games and activities on our Activboard as well as heavily for research.

We truly are a connected classroom that is unconnected!! Arrgh! I am so frustrated!

Fortunately, later that day I was told they were coming in first thing the next morning. There was a problem with the cabling. (An aside-- I am sure that the company responsible for installing our cabling and network did a half-pie job of it because we are a school and not a company that is likely to give 'repeat business'). So anyway, it was back for Friday and I can finally get back to routine -- and starting our topic for the term!


mscofino said...

I certainly understand your frustration about the potential of loosing internet access in your classroom for two weeks! I can imagine the feeling of isolation you and your students would have to endure for such an extended period of time.

Even so, I wonder if that would have been a good experience for them? For a classroom as connected as yours, how would being disconnected allow you to learn more about the process of connected learning? Would it have enabled you to re-examine the focus of your classroom and re-define how you use your connected time in the future?

I have to admit, I wouldn't want to be the one to try it out, but I am curious. Sometimes experiences of failures are those that we learn the most from.

What do you think?

efreeman said...

I think the frustration was more that I had planned everything to go for our new school term and it was the inconvenience of having to waste a week doing 'busy work'. Plus, I am incredibly impatient! My students did learn something from the experience and our 'connected time' is already more structured.

And I absolutely agree we learn more from our 'mistakes'. It is always easier to to reflect on a negative experience than when everything goes according to plan!

Miss Signal said...

Sounds like an interesting week! Reminds me of when our projector was stolen and the kids couldn't use our SmartBoard until we got a new one. I definetly noticed it but going on from what mscofino talks about - the kids REALLY noticed it also.

I access alot of resources from the internet for lessons etc so it was interesting to see their reactions to it all.

Good to see it's all up and running now though. How did your kids feel about the whole experience? Could be a worthwhile blog post! :)


efreeman said...

Thanks Heymilly I appreciate your comments!

Wow your projector got stolen?! I have an Activboard and would be just as lost (no probably more so) without that.

The interesting thing as that I have only really had these tools this year. What did I do before?! You become so reliant on them.

I will ask the kids tomorrow to record some thoughts about how they felt. Interestingly a few of them have already posted on our class blog about it!

TFT said...

Hi there, I'm facing the same issue from the other side. We are in the process of building a new Stage 2 building in our Junior School. As the earthworks are being done for the pouring of the slab, they have done the following:
1. Torn a Communication's Pit out of the ground because of a Tree Root passing through it. I patched this up the same day.
2. Broken a Conduit carrying network and phone cables, cutting the network cable again.
3.Broken another Conduit carrying Network to another building.

The Network was cut on Friday Morning, we had to order some Underground cable to run a temporary run, which arrived this afternoon. As we've had half of our Junior School off-line for 2 (working) days I'm going down tonight to do the repairs.

mscofino said...

I know exactly what you mean about being impatient! I always want everything to be finished "yesterday" if you know what I mean :)


What did your students say when they didn't have access to the projector? Did it affect their learning? I'm so curious!

Miss Signal said...


They were gutted. It was interesting seeing how reliant they had become - especially for the instant visuals and manipulation etc that it allowed for. Many of the students seemed to be quite accustomed to having this accompany my teaching and to not just listen!

There were many comments that passed from student to student that I heard. They had some great ideas about what should be done to the person/s that stole it too! :)